Analysis and Evaluation of Rapunzel’s Tower

The video slot game Rapunzel’s Tower from Quickspin is a touching story about love triumphing over evil. Once upon a time, a kind-hearted husband and wife shared their home with a sinister enchantress who resided next door. When the wife became ill one day, her husband had the audacity to steal some medicinal herbs from the witch’s garden.

The witch manages to capture him, and as penance for his wrongdoings, he is forced to hand over his first-born child to her. The woman gives birth to a daughter, but the witch immediately puts her in a tower to keep her safe. Her tresses keep becoming longer and longer until they are a tangle of golden waves. One day, a prince is out riding when he hears a melancholy singer who is also entrancing.

He goes on a quest to find the singer and ends up finding his true love. Will their love win out in the end? Or will the wicked witch emerge victorious from this conflict? With this ethereal arrangement from Quickspin, you may now completely submerge yourself in the dreamlike atmosphere of Rapunzel’s realm.

Rapunzel’s Tower is Full with Symbols

The Tower of Rapunzel includes a number of unique characteristics, as well as symbols that are extremely complicated. When you have collected all of them on a winning payline, you will have won a portion of the cash prize that is rightfully yours.

Re-spin the symbol for the wild.

The bonus wild symbol is depicted as a golden lock of hair that is fastened with a pink ribbon. If you get three of these symbols, the re-spin feature will be activated. The wild symbols will become immovable, and the re-spin feature will keep going as long as there are other winning combinations. Wilds that can be re-spun appear on 2, 3, and 4.

Wild symbols that re-spin can stand in for any other symbol, with the exception of the bonus scatter. During the free spins round, the appearance of a new re-spin symbol adds a rung to the climbing ladder that leads to the tower where Rapunzel is held captive.

The Tower of Rapunzel is a Wild Symbol.

This symbol, which is represented by the character whose name the symbol bears, can stand in for any other sign, with the exception of the bonus symbol and the re-spin wild symbol.

Added Value Symbol

This emblem is depicted as a tower that is encircled by a skyline that has been painted to look like a bright sunset and is encased in a gold frame. If you get three of these, you’ll win up to ten free spins, and if you get three more, you’ll win up to eight more free spins on top of that.

Try Your Hand at Rescuing Rapunzel, Won’t You?

The fairytale-inspired pokie game Rapunzel’s Tower is exquisitely illustrated and has a lot of features to offer players. Plunge into a wondrous world where good and evil wage fight, where couples meet under enchanted circumstances, and where you have the chance to win huge piles of riches. Quickspin are true experts in their field, and their work is characterized by an incredible attention to detail.

Enjoy thrilling casino action today by playing Rapunzel’s Tower at one of our recommended casinos and collecting a generous welcome bonus when you do so.

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